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Air filters

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by mudwire, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. mudwire

    mudwire Guest

    Where is the best place to get replacement air filters for Stromberg 150's?
  2. 64beam

    64beam Donation Time

    Hi Mudwire,

    Ebay have the Stromberg filters up for auction quite regularly under Alpine or Hunter or you could try someone like Sunbeam supreme or (dare I say it) Victoria British. There may even be a local classic parts dealer in your area.

    Good luck, Robin.
  3. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    Just a note If you have the old filters with the metal housings you can cut out the old filter element and use a K&N filter on your Alpine, I am not sure of the K&N number I am still looking or if you need the original look filters Triumph GT6 used the same Stromburg Carbs as the Sunbeam Alpine V, you may be able to get these filters at any Advance or Autozone ask for 67 or 68 GT6 filters. Good Luck :cool:

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