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Ag Huskys

Discussion in 'Huskies, Imps, Rapiers, Fastbacks, etc.' started by echo1, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. echo1

    echo1 Donation Time

    Hi All,

    Here's a crappy picture from my "obscurity" collection. I couldn't figure out how to edit it better. It's a shot of support vehicles, "flagger rigs", from an ag operation in the '50's. Stearmans, Huskys, and one Hillman is an "estate wagon", judging from the roof line. This was excerpted from Ag Pilots International in the late '70s. We were flying High Lift Stearmans at the time.

    I had a '66 Tiger, a '66 Husky, and a '56 Piper PA-22 then (amongst other rides). The Husky (32K miles) I traded straight across for a '65 VW Kombi. I flew out to Half Moon Bay, picked up the owner and her boy friend, and flew them back to the home strip, to look at the Bus. We agreed to meet half way and swap rigs. This was my second Husky and I was the 3rd owner. PAX

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2015
  2. 99ZoomR

    99ZoomR Donation Time

    Very nice group! My Alpine is the support vehicle for my Fly Baby. However, the Fly Baby is just an old 1/3 scale radio controlled model. :eek: Here's a pic of my buddy's MGA and my Alpine parked out at the field last fall...

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  3. hillmanhuskyguy

    hillmanhuskyguy Donation Time

    Great photo.! What's the logo say on the side of the cars.?
    (love half moon bay)

  4. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    I can make out part of the LOGO it's: Crop Duster

    The rest is to foggie for me. Maybe someone can get it....

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