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50th Anniversary Harrington Gathering 2011

Discussion in 'Harrington Alpine' started by Series3Scott, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Series3Scott

    Series3Scott Co-Founder/Past President Platinum Level Sponsor

    My father is on the Board of Directors for the Hilton Head Concours and he and I were talking yesterday about featuring Harringtons one of these years at Hilton Head. Maybe we could coordinate something with them and be the featured car?
  2. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    We all have plenty of time to prepare for this, so lets get started now. All you guys restoring Harringtons need to set your deadlines for 2011 for completion. Eric Gibeaut has suggested Dillard, Ga... any other suggestions?

    We need to start promoting this and see if we can start unearthing more and more Harringtons. Would be nice to get 15 cars or more.

    So, how many potential do we have?

    Scott Christie - LeMans
    Rick Kellett - Series 'D'
    Jan Servaites - LeMans
    Ian Spencer - Harrington Alpine
    Ian Spencer - LeMans
    Dave Kellogg - Harrington Alpine
    Bob Avery - Harrington Alpine
    Bill Attalla - Harrington Alpine
    John Prettie - LeMans
    Bob Webb - LeMans
    Jean Webb - LeMans
    Lee Brogden - LeMans
    Eric Gibeaut - LeMans
    Victoria - LeMans
    Buell Ish - Series 'D'

    Who am I missing... anyone? That's 15 cars, not including Eric's Wedgewood Blue car that we should also get to the event. We need to contact all known Harrington owners through the registry. I'll bet Jan Iggbom would help... and maybe with a little luck we could get him to attend! How about it Jan?
  3. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Might be a good idea. I personally wouldn't want to get all caught up in the Concours stuff and would worry about the Harrington getting lost in the shuffle of all the other things going on. I think we stick with the 2011 50th theme.
  4. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    Any overseas visitors could ship their car to the port of Charleston, South Carolina on a roll on, roll off ship and make an easy 300 mile drive to Dillard, Georgia and join the fun! There were several Harringtons at the first SUNI in Colorado that had been shipped from Europe. Eric
  5. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Yah... I like the idea of Dillard. Nice location, plenty if things do do in that area. We can drive the Dragon's Tail... Yah!
  6. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

    as posted on the other thread:

    Would love to...not sure how I would, but would love to.

    As "President" of the West Coast Harrington Association, (right, Bill? ) I say, why not hold it here in Napa Valley? Would be a shorter trip to get Victoria's Le Mans down here.
  7. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Well... who knows where Victoria's car will be in 4 years, and right now I can put my hands on more Harringtons on the East Coast than West Coast... so majority wins out this time. Besides.... it was Eric's idea! Right Eric!:rolleyes:

    Maybe there would be a nice "middle of the road" location we could find. I do know this, I want to drive to this and not have it in my back yard.

    I think the idea would be to just pick a spot and go there. No plan, no agenda, just hang out and talk about Harringtons while eating good food and drinking good beer.
  8. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    "I think the idea would be to just pick a spot and go there. No plan, no agenda, just hang out and talk about Harringtons while eating good food and drinking good beer."

    Well said Ian-and anyone who has been to Dillard, GA will be quick to agree-this place has it all. And don't forget the great roads to drive on! Eric
  9. Green67Alpine

    Green67Alpine Former SAOCA Membership Director Gold Level Sponsor

  10. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor


    wonder what happened to the red lemans that the guy in bellefontaine had a few years back. we met him at mid ohio and he sent me photos of it. i still have the photos somewhere. the envelope may have his name and address on it. i need to look for them.
  11. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    I don't know Bob... he communicated with me before too, but never comes out to events or had the car out for all that I know. We need to reach out to him.
  12. Jeff Scoville

    Jeff Scoville Donation Time

    Will Alpines and Tigers be allowed to join in the festivities?
    We enjoy good food and beer as well!
    It could be a "sideshow" sort of gathering.
    After all, just like Tigers, it all started with Alpines!
  13. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Nothing personal, but no. I think this should be a Harrington only exclusive. If everyone shows up with Alpines then it will become an Alpine event, which is what the Invasion is for. Buy Victoria's LeMans... then you can come! ;)

    I think what Eric and I have in mind is a simple gathering... not a large scale event.
  14. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Probably about three. Right?:D

    Jose :)
  15. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    No, I think we can have about 10 - 15 cars.
  16. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Gold Level Sponsor

    You see, V6Joe could be correct on the appearance of three V6Alpines at one meeting place (if one uses the average cycle time completion of the V6 modification).
    Three (running) V6Alpines together at one location....Gee, that could be a new record :D
  17. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    You are correct in that there have been no more than three V6 Alpines at any given Invasion, but not because they don't exist, or because they weren't running. The owners either lived too far, or they wanted to go to the United and couldn't make two shows in one year. It really isn't necessary to have more than there ayway, because it only takes one to impress those who drive it. Right Jan??:D

    One of these Invasions, don't be surprised if there are as many V6 Alpines there, as there are stock ones. I believe it will happen soon.:D

    I relly hope that you get 15 Harringtons there, because that would be a sight.

    Jose :)
  18. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Gold Level Sponsor

    Oh, you think so?
    I'm not holding my breath to see three "running" V6Alpines at the next Invasion, because the journey (down the road of unending modifications) is more fun than the destination....Right Joe???:D
  19. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    I think you have described the journey all of us who work on these Alpines are on. I doubt that there is a stock Alpine that isn't fussed over and tinkered with for the whole time we own them, so V6's aren't any different. I will say, that the V6 Alpines are worked on because the owner wants to make it better, not to try to keep it running, like some other folks have to do with their Alpines.

    You doubt that you will ever see more than three running V6 Alpines at a time, well, I think you will be surprised, and soon. An undependable V6 Alpine has been driven 2,000 miles one way, just to get to an Invasion. I haven't seen a stocker do that. We could keep on slamming each other's preferences all day long, and wouldn't change a thing. My comments were made in fun, but I guess I need to be a bit more serious. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.

  20. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Oh come on boys.. stop your fighting.. V6 .. stock alpine.. quad four... Just buy a Tiger!!:D Now retreating to my underground bunker....

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