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1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT in Hemmings/Barn Finds

Discussion in 'Ebay / Craigslist / Other Discoveries' started by Alpine 1789, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Alpine 1789

    Alpine 1789 SAOCA President Platinum Level Sponsor

  2. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    One "POSTER" said he had one that ran at 100MPH on the Freeway! Must have been drafting on a BIG SEMI :)
  3. Warren

    Warren Gold Level Sponsor

    Look what the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards did to the Alpine. Too bad Chrysler or someone else did not put a baby Hemi under the glass or one of their small blocks under the hood.

    "The most expensive item will be the replacement timber and pad for the dash," Yeah if you forget about paying 18,500 and that its not Timber anymore its Forest Products. Had to look again to see if that price was in Canadian dollars. I don't think the weed is that good in North Carolina or anywhere else ;) Didn't the rock band Heart write a song for Chrysler:)
  4. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    That is or I should say was the problem way back in '66-'67-'68. Chrysler did not have a small block V8 that could be "economically" placed in the Alpine or any other Rootes Vehicle.

    The real $$$ was what the Chrysler Management was intent on keeping - maybe for those fat bonus checks:)
  5. 65beam

    65beam Platinum Level Sponsor

    There are so many things about this car that say it's not a GT. No Black vinyl on the C pillar, No bumper over riders, Dash, seats, trunk moulding, C pillar emblem, etc. The missing items tell me it could be an Alpine and not an Alpine GT

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  6. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

  7. 65beam

    65beam Platinum Level Sponsor

    If the car has a 3.70 gear you do have a better top end. My white car will run 3200 to 3400 rpm's at 70 mph depending on terrain. Throw in an over drive and you're cruising.
  8. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    The 3K range is a good one for that speed especially with the OD. The torque is holding good as I recall ?
  9. 65beam

    65beam Platinum Level Sponsor

  10. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    There was a '69 for sale in Charleston, SC about 20 years ago. I paid a visit to look it over a couple times. Final;ly decided it was really to far gone by the rust worms.

    Even called the Guy again a few years later because it was a temptation I could hardly resist. He still had it but no reduction in price evwen though the rust worms had made even more progress.

    The one being discussed is in Asheboro, NC ? near where my elder son lives. We will be heading that way in a week or so! May pay a visit to check it out close up:)
  11. Warren

    Warren Gold Level Sponsor

    Guys I had a 318 in a pick up and was referring to the 273 . I know the drill as I have a perfectly good Sunbeam that got mucked up with a Ford engine ;) One roller with a Pinto motor and one that gave its 1725 up to a needy purist. The Hemi under glass was a ill timed pun at placing a Chrysler V8 under the rear window of the 69 Alpine like the old Cuda dragster. Sorry I grew up with a neighbor that put a 350 Chevy in a late Corvair so I dig that look.
    I was also mentioning a possible reason why the SV went out of production is visible in this later Alpine. High back seats more resistant to whiplash and crumbling, dual m/c, steering col.with impact absorbing shaft, the padded steering wheel and many others. Sunbeam just would have had to spend too much to adapt the early car as well as the motor fitment conundrum. While the crash tests as painful as they were to look at left me thinking the SV and the Tiger did really well.
    Here is a nice site, of particular interest is the sleazy way VW got in 68 by and the loaf of bread on the MG
  12. 65beam

    65beam Platinum Level Sponsor

    One thing that few know about the fastback is that most of the engine sets forward of the centerline of the front wheels. Jose did say after spending a weekend looking over our car when we had the invasion in Danville, that he could install a V6 and five speed and have plenty of room. Tiger Tom installed a Mazda rotary in the RotoRooter. That was a very fast car. The fastback is a very comfortable vehicle for long trips even for someone my size and has a lot of interior space along with a lot of luggage space. When Hemmings Sports and Exotics did a photo shoot of our car several years back the photographer referred to the trunk as a large black hole. Those that have followed me thru the mountains know that it does move along quite well for a 4 cylinder.
  13. RootesRooter

    RootesRooter Platinum Level Sponsor

    And no window chrome. Who would remove the GT window chrome?!?

    BUT....if you go to the Hemmings link, you find VIN plates and matching engine #, starting B399...., indicating a GT, not a Coupe. It's been a long time since I sold my last fastback. Did they have TWO VIN plates?? One like later Series Alpines, one with pentastar.

    Finally, I think its a GT because it has the unique motor mount shock absorber. No one would take the time to do that switch.
  14. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    Dan, I tend to believe the guy about 100 mph. Way back in 1964, I made a two way run over the same stretch of highway in my Series II. Chilly, (about 35), calm November day. Elevation about 950 ft. 95 and 105mph. This was an O.D. car. So the gearing is there. I can't help but think the fastback is at least a little more slippery than the convet/coupe, so why not 100 on a flat, sea level road?

  15. 65beam

    65beam Platinum Level Sponsor

    My non GT Alpine had the engine shock. There is a VIN plate riveted on the hood latch panel that has the usual info shown on a series 5 plate and there is another riveted on the left hand side of the dash near the corner of the windshield. 100_0340.JPG One photo shows the VIN plate under the hood of my car. The other photo shows the plate on the dash. It also shows the new dash that Tiger Tom made for it. 100_0253.JPG
  16. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    The '69 Alpine GT FOR SALE in Asheboro, NC is a very nice vehicle.

    A recent visit to see my son gave me sometime to make a call on the person that has the car. His name is Richard Wells. We have a good discussion on the Alpine with him giving the details on its' history.

    Can't remember all he said but, it was driven for a few years, then taken to a shop for repairs, the shop had it for a period of time, much longer than needed for the necessary repairs. The owner sent the shop the title (apparent;ly donated). The shop had it in and out of storage for another maybe 20 -25 years.

    Then an estate auction, whereby Richard became the owner.

    I checked the car over. It appears solid, I did not see any rust. Very clean. The original upholstery is in good condition. Richard has had some re-stitching done that is undetected except for a keen eye. I sat in the seats, the padding was good and comfortable.

    He has the GT chrome pieces. Just never put back on the car.

    The engine, 1725 with dual Stromberg, fired right up at a cold start. Ran very strong, sounded like a new engine. With very lower mileage of 39K the car will make some one very happy IMO.

    Richard told me he had been to the Higgins Farm Car Meet the weekend before which is only a few miles from his home off Hwy 49 West of Asheboro. He said he drives it a every chance he gets, and it gains a lot of attention.

    With emphasis on theundercarriage I suggested He provide the "pictures are worth a thousand words" means of letting others see his Alpine GT. He said he would send me some for posting. Here are a few,
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
  17. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    I took these PIC's while visiting with Richard Wells and his '69 Alpine GT

    Attached Files:

  18. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    Dan I wonder if the guy in Asheboro had any spares as in a rear end? Still looking for a 3.70 gear for my Alpine V
  19. DanR

    DanR SAOCA Treasurer Diamond Level Sponsor

    I'll ask for you

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