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1963 Sunbeam Harrington Lemans

Discussion in 'Harrington Alpine' started by bobs_diehl, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Jeff Scoville

    Jeff Scoville Donation Time

    Ian, speaking of paint codes, isn't your Alpine donor body actually primed with DP90? DP40 is dark green. Either way, great base primer! Any car worth doing correctly should be base primed with PPG DP primer. I hope to see your base of operations next year if I can stay out of the "nut house" that long!
  2. Jeff Scoville

    Jeff Scoville Donation Time

    I would be interested in taking a mold of this and offering them up for sale.
  3. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    You will need to talk to Eric about his.
  4. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Yep... you are right. I've always had a bad habit of calling all DP primer DP40. I've been using the DP74 and DP90 most too!
  5. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder


    Does anyone out there have a copy of the original pictures from the seller's back yard? I thought I had copies of the, but can't seem to find them. Thanks.
  6. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

    I've got them Ian, I'll email them to you.

  7. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Thanks. I'm working on a web site log for it's restoration and wanted to use them.
  8. napa 1

    napa 1 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Here's another shot of the car in that you posted at one point.
  9. AlpineIan

    AlpineIan SAOCA Founder

    Thanks. I have that one. Just was missing the originals ones that the previous owner took. I'm putting together a restoration log at www.pippinred.com
  10. the ghoul

    the ghoul Donation Time

    I was just bummin around and ran across this post and had to check out the log... that looks like a bit of a project!!
    keep it updated, id love to see the progression
  11. bernd_st

    bernd_st Bronze Level Sponsor

    What a nice page ! It reminds me to speed up my own HLM restoration...


  12. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Gold Level Sponsor

    Is it Pippin or Pippen?
    The Rootes dealer paint chip sheet lists it as Pippen red. Now the name apparently came from the type of apple in the UK. If one searches google, I get Pippen apples and Pippin apples. So is there a difference? Which Pippin/en spelling is correct?
    (By the way, my PeeSea spell checker doesn't like the spelling of Pippen)
  13. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    The difference is 159,900. Number of hits for Pippen Apples=28,100. Number of hits for Pippin Apples=188,000. Survey sez (ding) probably pippin. Usually, I'm more confident when the ratio is millions vs. tens of thousands.


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