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1961 sunbeam ebay

Discussion in 'Ebay / Craigslist / Other Discoveries' started by rspeedfun, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. rspeedfun

    rspeedfun Donation Time

  2. 65sunbeam

    65sunbeam SAOCA Membership Director Platinum Level Sponsor

    Your car?
  3. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

  4. rspeedfun

    rspeedfun Donation Time

    Up for sale 1961 Sunbeam
    This is all the new parts
    new 60 degree V6 motor
    5 speed trans
    lever action shocks rebuilt
    fuel tank
    All the mechanical is done on this car with new parts.starts right up and drives perfect.
    She has the soft top and the hard top...

    I am sure its missing a few things but I would say 90% of all the body trim door knobs ect ect are there

    Now it needs to have the paint work done and reassembled..
    The seats and all the upholstery is all new but---

    The bad----

    It was in my friends garage and a golf cart caught on fire so car has smoke damage... just the seats and door panels and black soot all over and under - upholstery is not burnt up but has smoke damage so they can be painted replaced..
    So I have not done a final cleaning because it needs the paint finished--- dont be fooled by the dirty look in the pictures I assure you everything in this drivetrain is brand new

    I have a bad knee and can't finish the car.
    So I am selling it ..
    Title is in non opp and in hand

    The work that has been done cost well over $13.000 and that does not include the purchase price of the car oragionaly

    This will be a nice car when completed...

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