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New Profile Posts

  1. ryanneptune
  2. Charles Myers
    Charles Myers
    What are the advantages and disadvantages to going with a 14 inch minilite type whee land what width tire in a 14 inch is recommended
  3. Charles Myers
  4. Gordon Holsinger
    Gordon Holsinger
    67 series V wire wheels OD no rust ok paint rebuilding seats wiring and engine wife said make it safe and reliable
  5. nsbluenose
    nsbluenose Hotrodhillman
    If you want any pictures or information on my set up contact me at; thepatriquins1@gmail.com
  6. Hotrodhillman
    Work in progress
  7. JackSun
    JackSun Wayne67vert
    Great ! Think you got a v.g. deal . My email is : jsmithschick@gmail.com
    Don't know if he sent you other pics ? email me & I'll fwd pics & discuss bumper .
    Thanks , Jack
  8. Wayne67vert
    What's fair for the bumper and how can we get together?
  9. Wayne67vert
    JackSun, I have made arrangements to buy this body shell. I plan to pick it up next Friday afternoon 'May 24'.
  10. JackSun
    JackSun Wayne67vert
    Saw your post .... there is a " looks like S-5 " body shell , listed on C.L. in Austin , TX
    for 300 bucks .... perhaps , the cowl & bonnet hinge panel could help ? I'm in OKC
    & c/b interested in the rear bumper ? I doubt , they will separate as it was a stage prop .
    Perhaps we could work something to get the parts ? Someone else may need ....boot lid ,
    bonnet , fender ........? Someone else c/b closer ?
    1. Wayne67vert
      Sounds interesting. I am interested. I need several of those parts. Do you have a way to transport?
      May 13, 2019
  11. DanR
    DanR jumpinjan
    Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  12. 67BEAMR
    Dad brought home a 1960 Alpine with engine and transmission in rear seat and trunk. He said, if you can make this run, it is yours.
    1. Limey
      Gunmetal is a great colour. I've only ever seen one but it looked like a small Aston Martin
      Mar 19, 2019
  13. 67BEAMR
    67 Alpine color code 130 Gunmetal gray 1725 like new
    1. RootesRooter
      I've never seen an Alpine still in original code 130. Could you post a photo sometime?
      Feb 12, 2019
  14. Alpaholic
    I've owned this S4/5 since 1994 (driven as nice day for several years) now that I've semi retired I have time to make it road worthy again.
  15. LakeBlue62
    donated Lake Blue 62 01/14/19
  16. kevin66sunbeam
    Hi guys. Just drove to Cincinnati from Vermont for Christmas. Looking to go home with a radio for my SV alpine. Anybody got one? thanks
  17. Twoputt
    Anyone purchased a replacement top from "Convertible Top Guys". Good quality, good fit??
  18. SunbeamMike65
  19. chryslerwagon
    still working on my V after 15 years. Just getting back to it and doing my research here.
  20. roger
    v6 conversion. trying to do everything myself to learn.Am I nuts?