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New Profile Posts

  1. Art DJ
    Art DJ
    For sale a Jaeger Speedometer SN 5324/50 1020 Mileage 27755 Max speed 120 MPH, Excellent appearance , cannot verify function.
  2. studmobile
  3. beijing_ken
    brake light switch
  4. Murrfert
    generally confused
  5. EricSmith611
    New to me my 67 SV Miss Honey Ryder
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  6. Jeffrey.Sweeney
    1962 Alpine Series 2. While the car runs well, it doesn't stop well and it has been neglected for probably 25 years. Lots of work to do.
  8. lcbrevard
  9. lcbrevard
  10. Alfred Pine
    Alfred Pine
    I swear I just had that tool in my hand...where the $%&#@* did I put it now.
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  11. Steto
    Fell in love with the Series II after seeing it in The Good Karma Hospital (great British series) and gotta have one.
  12. Fasttiger
  13. Randy
    I’m now living in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  14. 1-owner series1
    1-owner series1
    SOLD and heading back to the UK to knowledgable and devoted owners for £10,000 + shipping. This special Alpine has found the right new home.
  15. Alfred Pine
    Alfred Pine
    Back from the dead
  16. Fasttiger
    I need to know where to send a check
    1. DanR
      Send a check payable to:

      SAOCA Treasurer
      Dan Richardson
      123 Richardson Drive
      Greenwood, SC 29649

      Note: Please include your Forum handle and other contact info for mailing etc....

      and Thanks for the support,

      Jun 27, 2020
  17. Fasttiger
    Hello guys
  18. Steven Hodges
    Steven Hodges Fergusonic
    Like reference to Maxwell are you the one who has value covers
  19. Steven Hodges
  20. Gary T