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New Profile Posts

  1. whiskytangofoxtrot
  2. valueextra
  3. AlpineIan
    AlpineIan Stanton Alpines
    Better if we deal off of eBay, I can be more flexible on price.
  4. AlpineIan
    AlpineIan Stanton Alpines
    Hey, it’s Ian on eBay regarding the steering wheel. My email address is alpineian@woh.rr.com
  5. 65beam
    Interested in buyin an excellent condition example of a Sunbeam SI,II,V). drwandfamily@icloud.com
  7. Gordon Holsinger
    Gordon Holsinger
    Gordon Holsinger working like a dog on the 67 Alpine I have contractors running around my house what a mess
  8. Ashfried
    Sold my 66 Alpine to Bill in AZ
  9. Rix66Tiger
  10. Shannon Boal
    Shannon Boal Blue52
    Tire size, engine rpm at 60 MPH. If in doubt about speed, confirm with stopwatch and Interstate mileposts (60 seconds/mile at 60 mph) post that data in fourth gear, not OD, and I can tell you final drive ratio...
  11. hunn
  12. DanR
    SAOCA Treasurer
  13. Blue52
    How can I tell the rear end gear ratio of my 67 series V?
  14. helijm
    Long time away
  15. Oldschool1968
    1963 Series II - looking to Tesla the Car and make it a reliable daily driver
  16. ryanneptune
    Always In Motion
  17. Charles Myers
    Charles Myers
    What are the advantages and disadvantages to going with a 14 inch minilite type whee land what width tire in a 14 inch is recommended
    1. phyrman
      If you are going to the expense of a larger wheel, go to 15" Much better tire selection! Also, a 6" width works well
      Aug 22, 2019
    2. Richard Fritz
      Richard Fritz
      I've put 14" Panasports on my Series 5 with 185/60-14 tires. My friend put 14" Panasports on his Tiger with 195/60-14s. I also installed 14" wire wheels on my S3 with 185/70 14 tires. Had to shave rear fender well seam to avoid rubbing.
      Jan 27, 2020
  18. Charles Myers
  19. Gordon Holsinger
    Gordon Holsinger
    67 series V wire wheels OD no rust ok paint rebuilding seats wiring and engine wife said make it safe and reliable
  20. nsbluenose
    nsbluenose Hotrodhillman
    If you want any pictures or information on my set up contact me at; thepatriquins1@gmail.com